Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free Standard UK Delivery at Avon

Enter the code CUPCAKE at the checkout to receive free standard UK delivery on Avon purchases today.


  1. Heh, cupcake reminds me of Junior Apprentice.
    caught up on two episodes while waiting for nails to dry tonight

  2. Oh don't tell me anything about that- my mum's recording all the episodes for me so I can watch them when I get back

  3. Okies, lips are zipped!

    What colour of Barry M nail varnish are you wanting to try? They've brought out quite a lot of bright colours for summer lately. Still not quite sure about yellows and bright greens but I'm going to try a sky blue next weekend I think. Yeah don't remember much about s1 other than painting people's nails for charity! Heh.


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