Sunday, November 7, 2010

Warwick Avenue, couldn't resist

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Hi ladies,

I don't like falling into Glamour's trap of buying numerous copies of the same magazine just to collect all the varieties of the free gift but...I did go back for another copy in order to get Warwick Avenue.

I think it will be a great shade for work and happily it doesn't seem to be a shade that I already have in my collection:

This seems to be where it slots into my collection and, as you can see, it isn't a duplicate. I'm sure this will be featured in a NOTD tomorrow or Tuesday so look out for that :-)

Bye for now,


  1. cant wait to see swatches! this is a very work appropriate color and so girly!

  2. I just emailed Glamour asking where my monthly magazine is. Tomorrow is my last day for coming before I go. I was hoping for warwick or one of the browns though not too fussed as I have colours quite similar already. I checked my online status on their website and I am still a subscriber with last issue being Feb but would automatically change over to direct debit afterwards. I wonder if it had been delivered to someone else by mistake


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