Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday's Wishlist

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Good morning ladies!

Are you all having a good week? I'm working in the office this week which means every day I am faced with temptation at lunch time due to my office being located in the middle of a shopping precinct. Yesterday I purchased these purple trousers from River Island:

As you can see, they were on offer with £15 off making them a bargain buy at £20. However, I don't actually have many things to match them, especially not coats. What I'm really after is a faux fur leopard print jacket but I'm struggling to find any affordable styles that I think will suit me.

This one is from River Island and is priced at £90. I'm not sure how long it is but I like the fact that it has a hood.

This one is also from River Island and also priced at £90. I'm not a great fan of the collar but I think the length would be good for trousers as I don't want anything too short.

This one, obviously not leopard print, is £65, from Next. It may be a more sensible option but it does look quite short.

Do you like any of these jackets? If so, which would you advise me to buy? What would you wear with these trousers? And, more importantly, what's on your wishlist this Wednesday?

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  1. those trousers are fab! Great colour.

  2. I love the trousers, they'd go well with brown or nude colours I think. Like autumn leaf colours!

    I really like faux fur jackets, and these all look nice however I think very often river island ones are not worth the price, they're very expensive and the quality isn't up to much! xx

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  3. The trousers are really cool!
    Like "TheOtherSideofCool" mentioned it would go well with nude colors and of course black or grey :)
    And for the faux fur jackets ... I love the first one, even though it´s a bit short :P The big advantage is the hood :)

  4. Nice trousers! But this colour is very difficult to match... I'd go with a white t-shirt (or shirt!), a flashy or a barbie pink t-shirt (actually all the shades of pink would go with this coulour). And why not some yellow (that ugly and very trendy this autumn mustard-yellow would also do). But I'm sorry, I wouldn't put any brown right next to those trousers. Maybe a beige top.

  5. @daisychain, thanks :-) They're really long too even though they're supposed to be "regular" so that's a bonus.

    @TheOtherSideOfCool, thanks for your suggestions! I've found a jacket from Zara which is cheaper and looks nicer (online) than these ones so hopefully it will be just as nice in person and I can get that :-)

    @Theodora, thanks :-) I do love the hood and the dangly baubles!

    @Cristina, oh I hadn't thought of pink to go with the trousers, thanks! But I think I'll stay away from mustard, it's not my colour!


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