Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh So Versatile

Hi girls!

I was recently given The Versatile Blogger award by three lovely ladies so I thought it was about time I posted about it.

I actually already received this award ages ago but it's nice to be given it again, this time by Divineblush, Red Hair and Black Nail Polish and Paint That Nail. Thank you! Please visit these blogs and say hello if you aren't familiar with them already!

The rules of this award are that I should share 7 facts about myself and then pass this award on to 15 other bloggers. I feel a lot of bloggers already have this award but there are certain bloggers out there who don't appear to have this award and who I think deserve it so I would like to give this award to:
MeMa's Mani's
Nails by Carol
Tales of Knit and Nails
Persistently Glittery
Colorsplash Nails

As for the facts, I've been tagged by a few bloggers for the 11 Questions tag that's going around so I think you'll learn more about me when I post about that tag ;-)

Bye for now,


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