Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Talons ft Aztec

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Good morning dear readers,

Today I'd like to show you a duochrome polish I recently purchased from the Accessorize range:

Now my photos do not do this polish justice at all so I'm going to have to use it for another manicure soon and try to take better pictures but basically Aztec is one of the most interesting colour-changers I have seen.

It looks purple in the bottle yet when I applied my first coat the only colour I could see was sea-green. To be honest I was slightly worried that I had picked a bad bottle.

The second coat made everything better though (although after looking at these pictures I think I'll wear three coats next time) and the polish was a nice purple shade. These pictures make Aztec look very dark but in reality the colours flash from purple to green to yellow to gunmetal grey. It looked especially awesome under my classroom light yesterday ;-)

Of course I couldn't leave it alone so I stamped two butterflies using Barry M Nail Effects in gold and Konad plate m36.

What do you think girls? Do you have any duochromes?

Bye for now,


  1. It is funny how different one coat and two coats can look. It never fails to amaze me.
    I like this duochrome, it looks great on you! :)

    1. Thanks :-)
      I've never known such a contrast! Next time I will take photos of the different colours and coats.

  2. i like it! it's such a fun nail polish shade! :)

    <3, Mimi
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    1. Thanks! It's something a bit different :-)

  3. Thanks for following me..
    I have a polish that is similar to this one is grey's anatomy by wet n wild

    1. I've seen that a lot recently, it's nice :-)


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