Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogger Appreciation Award

Hi girls!

Today I'd like to thank the lovely ladies at Polish and Charms and Rainbowify Me for giving me the Blogger Appreciation Award.  It really means a lot to me so thank you for thinking of me :-)


Here are the rules:

The rules of the Award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award with their blog link on your post.
2. Answer the following 4 questions.
3. Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to as many readers/supporters/followers as you’d like.
4. Let the blogger know you've just awarded them (by leaving a comment, a tweet, an email, etc.)

The questions:
1.  How long have you been blogging?
2.  What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging.
3.  What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
4.  What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
My answers:
1.  I've been blogging for almost two years now although my enthusiasm has grown a lot since the early days.
2.  I started blogging after I randomly stumbled across a make-up/nail art blog and discovered the world of Konad and nail blogs.  I was living abroad at the time, away from my family and friends, so I think part of the reason I started blogging was because I was excited to share my life and new-found love of stamping with people.
3.  I like to follow nail art blogs mainly but also fashion and make-up blogs.  If the tone is right and the writing is good, I'm happy to follow any type of blog.
4.  I would like to improve the quality of my pictures.
As for the bloggers I'd like to give this award to, I really appreciate every single one of you who visits this blog and takes the time to read my posts and give me your feedback and support; you all deserve this award.  I would especially like to give this award to:

Enjoy the award girls!

Bye for now,


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the award :-)

  2. Thank you for passing it on to me! :)

  3. Congrats on getting this award! :) thank you so much for passing it to me. :) i really appreciate it. <3

    1. Aw, thanks. I was more than happy to pass it on to you :-)

  4. Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for sending me one!! :D

  5. Thanks again for passing it on to me :-)

  6. Hi dear.. I have a tagged an award for you.. please do visit my blog dear

  7. Thank you so much! :*

  8. Thank you sooo much! I appreciate it, it means a lot to me!! :D


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