Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nail Care Laughter

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Good afternoon lovely ladies!

I received something in the post today which made me laugh and I just had to share it with you:

These are mini bottles of OPI Nail Envy.  I knew exactly what I was getting when I ordered these but when I opened the package and saw how tiny these bottles actually are, I just laughed.

My Nail Tek Foundation has almost run out but instead of repurchasing, I decided to go with OPI Nail Envy again as I prefer it to Nail Tek.  I think I get better results using Nail Envy plus, unlike Nail Tek, it isn't matte therefore I can easily apply it on top of manicures.

 [Comparison to a normal sized bottle of nail polish]

What nail care products do you use girls?  And what's your smallest bottle of nail polish?!

Bye for now,


  1. My smallest bottle of nail polish is also an OPI and I was also *very* surprised to see how small it actually was. :D
    I use nail strengthener from Mavala, I really like how good that works. :)

    1. I may have to try that after I finish these three bottles, which probably won't be too far in the future!

  2. My smallest bottles are the mini bottles of OPI for Sephora. TINY!

  3. Aw the tiny OPIs are so adorable!

  4. The bottles are really cute! The smallest bottles I have are essence. They are 5ml or something. Teeney but they are amazing polishes!

  5. :). My smallest nail polishes are from Yves Rocher, they're only 3 ml, and they looks the most fun standing near the ORLY, which are 18 ml :D.

  6. I love the OPI nail envy! My smallest bottle of polish is the mini Konad white special polish bottle. It says it is 5 ml, but it is only half as tall as a 5 ml bottle of Essence! Its really cute, but I ordered it online and when the box arrived, you should have seen me digging around in the packing peanuts trying to find it :)


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