Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Post: Jackie's Sponged NOTD

Good morning girls!

I really hope you have been enjoying all the guest posts up to now.  Today I have one prepared by Jackie from MeMa's Mani's for you.  Jackie always has beautifully stamped manicures in an array of colours and finishes; her sponging manicures are my personal favourites and today she's been kind enough to prepare one for us :-)

Hello All!!!  When Laura of Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat asked if I wanted to do a guest post I was, honored!  I never thought that anyone would ever want me to do such a thing!!!  Thank you sooo much Laura for the opportunity!!

I LOVE to do sponge manis so that is what I have chosen for today :)

I started with a base coat of NYC City Sweets Pink, love this pink...yes, me that does not like pink!!

I use a more porous sponge for my manis, which is something that we used to use at work and were throwing away, so I thought why not try it!!  And I really like the look it gives!!  Two different shades of pink and a yellow were used for the sponging...

I chose the IP#40 from the new Mash set for the stamping using Konad Black...

The final product was lacking "something", so I freehanded a black French tip.  I liked the final product, hope you do too!!  Thank you again Laura :)

I love the final product Jackie, thank you so much for showing us this pretty manicure!  I'm so excited to try and create sponging manicures as good as yours :-)

What do you think of this girls?  Are you a fan of sponged manicures?  Be sure to let Jackie know when you visit her blog :-)

Bye for now,


  1. That looks really cool. I think I'll try to sponge with more textured sponges once in a while too :)

  2. Wow, this is awesome. The stamping makes it look so cute! :)


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