Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Talons: Freehanded Flowers NOTD

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Good morning lovely ladies!

I've been really impressed with all the freehanded floral designs I've been seeing on your blogs lately.  I know a lot of them are done using the one stroke technique but I haven't investigated that yet.  Instead, I just decided to try painting flowers the way that came naturally to me.  Looking at the results tells me I definitely need to watch some tutorials ;-)

For my base, I used two coats of a pretty pink shimmer polish by Essence called Enchanted Fairy.  It's one of the polishes I bought in Amsterdam and I absolutely love it.  I'm not sure if it suits my skin tone but I will wear it regardless.

I then attempted to paint flowers using a nail art brush and acrylic paints.

 My final step was to sponge Essence Time For Romance on my tips.

Time For Romance is a polish packed full of different sizes of glitter which I've admired on a lot of blogs but I didn't think I would buy it if I saw it on holiday.  I don't know why I changed my mind but I'm really glad I did.

 I'm also really glad I finally decided to try sponging glitter on my tips when I guest posted for Theodora last month.  It's such an easy yet effective way of finishing a manicure.

What do you think girls?  Do you have any youtube videos you can recommend for me to learn the one stroke flower technique?

Bye for now,


  1. I bought "Time for Romance" on my latest vacation, I've used it once, and I didn't like it on me. You've just given me an idea of how to use it more wisely. So thank you very much!
    Ps. I'm not very good at making flowers, so I'm not the right person to give you bits of advice here :)

    1. I have to say, I thought Time For Romance would be too dark and dense for me to wear but I really like how light it looks with just one layer sponged on. I'm glad you'll be able to use your bottle more after seeing this :-)

  2. hello Laura how are you :)? it is warm in your country? In Italy we can't breath for hot temperature.
    beautiful nail, it's spring time ^_^

    1. I wish it was warm here! UK summers have been awful for the last few years, lots of rain and very little sun :-(

  3. I'm not very good drawing flowers but I like your design a lot looks very nice.

  4. Always first and foremost listen to the thought that come naturally - that's a very important step - so good on you!
    Next practicing on paper is a very good idea.
    It looks like your paint maybe is a bit on the thick side, and that makes it difficult - or your brush is very hard/stiff.. .?
    You also can go in and add a little more detail if you want, maybe a fine detail brush would be the best for this use.
    There are a lot of good youtube videos, try to do a search...

    1. Thanks for the advice Maria! I think I need better brushes...

  5. I love that base color! I am not a free hand drawer what so ever, but I think this is an awesome first attempt!

  6. Super cute you can freehand so well! Mine always come out a hot mess hahaha ;)

  7. I'll have a look, thanks :-)


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