Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday's Manicure: Purple Glitter NOTD

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Good morning dear readers!

Today I'd like to show you two purple Essence polishes I bought in Switzerland, Oh My Glitter! and It's Purplicious.  I started with two coats of Oh My Glitter!

We all know how difficult purple polishes are to photograph but I think this top picture is pretty accurate.

 Application was easy, no complaints there, although I'm not sure about the name of this polish.  It is packed with rainbow shimmer (purple, blue and orange are the predominant colours) but I wouldn't say that warrants having the word 'glitter' in the name.  Just a thought.

It's a beautiful polish though, regardless of the name, and I would definitely recommend adding it to your collection when you have the chance.

 Of course I couldn't leave it alone so I decide to add a coat of It's Purplicious, a glitter topper.  I actually saw this in Holland in June but decided not to buy it and bitterly regretted my decision so I was really happy to unexpectedly find this in Switzerland two months later :-)

 I added Rimmel's matte top coat to see how different this manicure would look mattified.  Er, not that different.  Still awesome though ;-)

What do you think girls?  Have you ever regretted not buying a polish when you had the chance?

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  1. I love that purple! I have not tried essence polishes and I am dying to... I should go to Ulta soon :) Yes, I regret not buying polish when I could. Sigh. I am sure my wallet does not regret those times though :)

  2. That's such a gorgeous colour! I have missed on many a pretty polish - I remember when the original GOSH Holographic was in a Superdrug near me (3 bottles) and I left it! What was I thinking! I returned a week or two later though and there were still two there so the situation was righted :) xx

    1. LOL! I've recently missed out on a silver holo polish in H&M. Saw a group of at least 5 of them but decided I didn't need it as I had GOSH holographic. Went back a week later when I realised the error of my ways and there were no bottles left :-( I say recently, that was in July and I'm still sad about it. Glad you got GOSH holographic though!

  3. im not really a fan of purple. but this looks so pretty when you added glitters. :)

  4. I love Essence polishes and this combination is perfect. I regret that I didn't bought in my holiday the Essence Better than gel nails top sealer :( Maybe next time.

  5. Gorgeous, Oh My Glitter is one of 3 that I recently picked up, it's so pretty!

  6. This is a gorgeous combo!
    Yes, I've regretted not buying a polish when I had the chance :/

  7. OH myt glottere is SO on my wish list - it's gorgeous - I love the glitter addition too!

  8. I bought Oh my Glitter, cause it's so gorgeous! I love your combination with It's Purplicious! And the matte version looks cool! :D

  9. Wow! that purple is amazing!! :) :) I haven't find the new bottles yet!


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