Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Talons: Holographic Rain NOTD

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Good evening girls,

Today I'd like to show you a discovery I made the last time I was in Marks & Spencer: a beautiful pink holographic polish!

I was actually buying nail polish as a gift for someone when Purple Rain by Autograph caught my eye and I just couldn't resist getting it for myself.

 It's a beautiful colour, regardless of how strong the holo effect is.  Due to a lack of recent sunshine, I could only capture it under artificial light, which isn't the best, but you get the idea.

 I wore this polish on its own for a day before deciding to jazz it up by doing a half-moon manicure with Kiko 255, a similar type of polish.

I then decided to add a layer of B.O 59 glitter and position a silver star at the side of each nail.  I kind of wish I'd left the half-moon as it was though...

What do you think girls?  Have you found any holographic polishes in unlikely places?

Bye for now,


  1. Wow a gorgeous sparkly nails, both are gorgeous polishes and the stars are adorable.

  2. Ooh wow, I definitely would have grabbed that pink for myself as well. It's really pretty! And I like it with the glitter on top!

    1. I don't feel guilty for not being able to resist it lol.

  3. Lovely polish and amazing half moon! :)

  4. This polish is so pretty! And the half moon looks gorgeous with it! You are so good at half moon manis :D

  5. Beautiful combo, the polishes you picked are gorgeous!!!


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