Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday's Talons: Daisy Trail NOTD

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Good morning girls,

I was really touched by the positive reaction I received to my kawaii manicure recently so I thought I would do another manicure with natural half moons:

My first step was to create a half moon manicure using Barry M Fuchsia.

 I then stamped flowers along the base of Fuchsia using Easy Paris 48 and Mash plate m57.  I filled in the centre of each flower with my dotting tool and Nails Inc Portobello Market.

 For the finishing touch I filled in the unpainted section of my nail with Barry M Pink Iridescent for a little bit of sparkle.

What do you think girls?

Bye for now,


  1. Ooooo, a really interesting color combo! Pretty <3

  2. Love it! Its really cute =] Btw, how do you do your half moons? I'v tried those hole-punch sticker things and they were a fail for me so I'm on the lookout for other techniques that might help!

    1. Thanks! The only technique I use is the hole-punch sticker one! It actually hasn't been working that well recently, possibly because I've been doing two coats of polish before removing the stickers and in the past I only did one, but stamping over the lines helps disguise that fact. The only other technique I can think of is trying nail tip stickers instead? Let me know if you find something that works!

  3. oh these nails are so cute! :x

  4. This is sooo pretty! I love the way half-moon manis look!

  5. Beautiful! I love natural half moons

  6. OMG how pretty.... will you do my nails, too? :)


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