Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mid-week Manicure: Fairy Godmother

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Good morning girls,

Here's a colour I haven't used for a while:


 This is Soft Grey by Beauty UK.

This is yet another of those polishes which has been in my collection for ages but rarely gets used.  I don't know why, perhaps because I find it difficult to think of corresponding colours for stamping.

 Anyway, despite how infrequently I wear Soft Grey, it only ever seems to come out when my nails are at their shortest, which they currently are thanks to my weekend filing session.

 Application of this polish was really easy and I only needed two coats.  I then added Sparkle Touch by Miss Sporty on my accent nail and used it for the tips only on my other nails.  The final look made me think of the fairy godmother in Cinderella.

What do you think girls?

Bye for now,


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