Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mid-week Manicure: Twinkle Glitter Garden

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Hello dear readers,

Today I'd like to show you the second polish in my A'Pieu Flower Garden Set, Twinkle.

 Twinkle is a clear based polish packed full of various shapes, sizes and colours of glitter.  There are hearts, diamonds, hexagons and circles in an array of colours from white to yellow to pink to blue, not forgetting the specks of holographic silver glitter.

Getting a good assortment of glitter on the brush was easy, as was application.  I was happy not to have the same shapes on each nail so didn't even attempt any specific glitter placement.

It's quite unusual for me to wear a coloured glitter like this so it was a real novelty seeing every shape stand out so well against the pink background.  It made me think of falling blossom or the piles of blossom you can see on the streets and in parks on a windy day.  I am really happy I decided to try this set as I love how these polishes look together.

What do you think girls?

Bye for now,


  1. That's a pretty combo - I like that the glitter isn't so dense...

    1. Thank you. It wasn't too difficult to remove either since it wasn't so dense

  2. I like this combo! :)

  3. Perfect combo. I really like the colour base.


  4. I love the colours in that glitter, they're really pretty and bright. Lovely swatches x

  5. Falling blossom is exactly what this looks like, so pretty. I love all the different shapes and sizes! xx

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    1. Thanks! I was really happy I knew how to describe it lol


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