Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mid-week Manicure: Kiko 255 Violet Microglitter

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Hello ladies,

Another purple manicure for you today,  this time featuring Kiko Violet Microglitter, shade 255.

Despite loving this shade, I've worn it only a handful of times since buying it almost three years ago.  I somehow think it's too dark or troublesome to remove to bother with but wearing it on this occasion made me rethink how I feel about this sparkler.

 Giving you an idea of how old these pictures are, I actually wore this on New Year's Day as I had no time for nail art but wanted something with some added interest to mark the day.

 I have no access to Kiko polishes where I live (and I don't want to buy them online) but I'm going to Paris in May and already I'm excited about going to the Kiko store and picking up a few new shades.

What do you think girls?  Do you have Kiko polishes in your collection?

Bye for now,


  1. It's my favorite Kiko - fortunately i have a backup :)

  2. I have this polish too, it's gorgeous! <3

  3. Beautiful swatch. I don't have to many KIKO polishes, I think maybe 2 or three.

    1. Thank you. I think you can always rely on Kiko for good quality

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I must say I was really happy with how it photographed

  5. I have many Kiko polishes, if you want to see some shades, search my blog.
    I have Kiko stores in a few places in my city so it's quite ease for me to get them although some times, I wish there weren't so many of them.


    PS: lovely shade, by the way. Was it very difficult to remove it?

    1. I've seen some other Kiko cosmetics on your blog so it may be more than nail polish that I buy ;-)
      I can't remember if this polish was difficult to remove but I think it was okay. I will wear it again soon so I can give you a proper answer!


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