Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mid-week Manicure: Claire's Butterfly Sequins

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Hello ladies,

Today's manicure features my first polish from Claire's Accessories (or is it just Claire's these days?).

A fellow blogger recently alerted me to the fact that Claire's stocked multi-coloured glitters, akin to the type I'd only previously seen sold by indie polish makers so I felt obliged to see what I could find in my local shop.

 There were so many colours I was tempted by but not knowing the quality of the brand, and not needing any solid colours, I decided to stick to a couple of glitters.  This first one is called Sequins and consists of black, white and pink confetti suspended in clear polish.

 I layered it over Barry M Silver Foil and then stamped a couple of butterflies on each nail using MUA shade 2 and Konad plate m36.

 I like the way this turned out and I'm excited to try Sequins over a white base.

What do you think girls?

Bye for now,


  1. I love that you stamped butterflies on it!
    I also bought some of Claire's glitters on my vacation, also a splatter one - the blue version :) I haven't tried them yet though.

    1. Thanks! Hope you like your Claire's glitters once you try them :-)

  2. i love the effect with the silver and splatter...the colors are nice together...especially that hot pink!

    1. Thanks! I do like the colour combination

  3. This mani looks super cool! :)


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