Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's Manicure

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Good morning girls,

I have another Barry M Nail Effects manicure to start the week with:

The base colour was Barry M Berry Ice Cream

Apparently there are going to be a few new shades to choose from in the Nail Effects range. I could be tempted to try a pink shade when it becomes available.

What do you think girls, is black best when it comes to crackle polishes or should I give other colours a try?

Bye for now,


  1. wow these nails are so cool! nice effect!

  2. this looks gorgeous :) love it

    Hey, I am holding a giveaway contest on my blog. Do check it out if you're interested. xx

  3. I can't wait for Models Own Silver Shatter to be available in shops (it's on the website from today) I just think the OPI one is so gorgeous but definitely can't justify the price tag! xxx

  4. @TheMadTwins, thank you :-) Such a simple effect to achieve!

    @Sara, :-) Thanks for letting me know about the contest, I'll definitely wander over for a look

    @Emma, hope you don't have too long to wait! My boss had her nails painted silver with black shatter over them. Looked great!


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