Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Talons (Dior Konading)

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Good morning girls,

Did you all have a nice weekend? Did you do anything special for Easter? I went to Wales for the long weekend and had a great time exploring the country. I'll show you photos from my trip soon but for now, I'd like to show you my most recent manicure:

Graphic Berry by Dior is the base and the purple stamping polish is from the Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours collection

I really like how this turned out although I was nervous about getting the placing of the image right and that's why I only stamped every second nail

Do you like this manicure? It's the first time I've used a Konad plate for ages but I do notice the difference in quality between the superior Konad plates and the cheaper Bundle Monster ones. I'm still glad I have the Bundle Monster ones though.

Bye for now,


  1. This looks really nice :) the dior shade looks so glossy! xx

  2. @Jessica, thanks :-) It is glossy, that's why it photographs so badly!

  3. I love that berry polish shade! Its beautiful and the Konad is very pretty too =)
    Btw i'v given you a blog award and you can pick it up from my page lol =)

  4. @Sara, the berry shade is so changeable depending on the light! It's really quite impressive.
    Thank you very much for the award! :-)


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