Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mid-week Manicure: Christmas Sweater

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Good morning girls,

This time next week Christmas Day will be upon us (yay!) so in order to make the most of festive manicures I'm planning to post every day until then.  I hope you'll enjoy what I have to show you :-)

Today's manicure features Nails Inc Tate, a blood red shade, as the base.

I then stamped using Konad Special Polish in white and MoYou London festive plate 04.

 As with my previous experience of using this plate, the image wasn't as crisp as I wanted it to be and I did have some transfer issues.  For that reason, I decided to use a different design on my other hand, which I'll be showing you tomorrow.

What do you think girls?  Have you started wearing your Christmas sweaters yet?

Bye for now,


  1. Christmas is a week away and I have not bought a single gift! :( I'm freaking out. Your nails are so pretty and long! love the stamping and that red is gorgeous!

    1. Oh thank you :-) But why haven't you started your Christmas shopping?! Maybe you'll be able to find lots of good deals once you start!

  2. I haven't got any Christmas sweaters, but I am wearing winter sweaters :) It's cold here :)

    1. Ah yes, I can imagine it must be cold in Denmark!

  3. What a pretty sweater -and I don't have any Christmas sweaters either :)


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