Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's Manicure: Sweet Snowflakes

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Good morning dear readers,

Today's manicure is for those of you who love all things pink and glittery.

I chose Barry M Dragon Fruit as my base which I managed to smudge badly after taking the above photo so I applied a layer of Kiko Sparkle Touch to hide the smudges.

 I then stamped using Easy Paris shade 3 and ye old faithful Bundle Monster plate BM 323.

 Kiko Sparkle Touch didn't add as much sparkle as I had hoped so I topped off the whole manicure with Barry M Pink Iridescent glitter and was happier.

 Kiko Sparkle Touch looks so pretty in the bottle but I've never had great results using it.  I wonder if it looks better over darker colours?

What do you think girls?  Do you have any recommendations for using Sparkle Touch?

Bye for now,


  1. oh I see. Very sweet indeed! those snowflakes are just awesome! I think you should try it with a dark pink, maybe?

    1. Thanks! Yeh, I think dark pink, purple or blue would be better

  2. Your stamping is perfect as usual! :) The glitter doesn't show up that well; maybe you can try a very dark navy colour. :D The pink is cute though!

    1. Aw thank you. Will definitely be trying the glitter with navy

  3. What a sweet mani - it looks great with snowflakes over pink, I like that :)

  4. I love snowflakes over pink! So cute! :)
    I'd try Kiko over some blue :)

  5. Pink looks so beautiful on you - and the snowflakes makes it even prettier!


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