Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving Day

Has been and gone :-) My boyfriend and I moved to Stockport on Saturday and I must say it all went quite smoothly. The drive from Edinburgh to Stockport took four and half hours. I drove for the first two and a half hours and I thought I did really well on the motorway, successfully joining and exiting and also overtaking lots of slow-moving vehicles. However, I was told that actually English motorways are nothing like Scottish motorways, there is far more traffic in England and navigating where you want to go is much more complex therefore it would have been better practice for me to drive during the second half of the journey. Now that we've been here for four days, I'm beginning to realise what an absolute nightmare the roads are here. Motorways that join other motorways. Roundabouts with more than four exits (I haven't been taught how to deal with that and have no idea which lane to go in when my TomTom tells me to take the fifth exit). No clear road markings. Congestion at all hours of the day. It really is a new driver's worst case scenario.

But let's move on. The past four days have been spent buying furniture, cleaning, unpacking and exploring Stockport. It's actually bigger than I expected. We've also registered with our local GP, joined the library and had a phone line and Broadband installed. Today we plan to spend the day in Manchester city centre (I don't know if Stockport is classed as Manchester or not, it seems that some people call it South Manchester and some people call it Greater Manchester), which is about half an hour away by bus.

It was only last night that everything was really unpacked. Here's what the lounge looked like when I came to view the flat:

Here's what it looks like this morning:

Pretty good I think although over time I will buy cushions and flowers etc to brighten the room up a bit more.
Not only is it nice being able to find things without having to rummage around in suitcases and boxes, I've also enjoyed rediscovering dishes which I hadn't seen since December:

Do you think nice dishes improve the taste of food and drink? I do!
Bye for now,


  1. Glad you are finally done with the moving.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Oh English roads, nice! Ok on the roundabout front think of it like a clock (this was how I was taught!) exits in the first half (12-6) you need the right lane, if the exit is in the second half (6-12) you need the laft hand. Most lanes should be marked with arrows or roads but that is the basic principle. Hope this helps! Daisy Dayz Home

  3. It's definitely a relief after planning the move for so long Marie :-)

    Thanks Chantele! I'll try to keep the clock image in my head the next time I'm on the road and see how I get on. Although what if there are three lanes leading up to the roundabout? Lol

  4. Ooh looks rather cosy, glad you've settled in now. I do like looking at the mugs hehee.

    Yum cha lunch was good. My gran as usual lectured me and Cindy for not visiting often enough. Heh. Did not know what to say to Ada but tried a little small talk. It was all awkward at first, not sure what to order etc, so we passed round this menu thing where you write in a box next to titles how many portions we wanted and passed it round to everyone to add on. Once we started eating it was fine. Well, except that my gran wasn't eating much and constantly telling us to eat.

  5. Oh yeah was meant to say; you got your table! :D

  6. i like your new flat! you're doing a good job with it. it looks lovely and cozy. :D

    <3, Mimi

  7. The table and chairs were chosen from Ikea after we checked Argos first. Didn't take too long to assemble everything so that was good.
    Glad the awkwardness at lunch passed quickly and you ended up having a good time Amy.

    Thanks Mimi :-)

  8. oh It looks nice:) ...

    cute dishes:) .....where did you buy it?:)...




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