Friday, August 27, 2010

Nail Growth Update

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Hi ladies,

Last week I wrote a post about my horribly short nails and the nail care regime I planned to adopt in order to have healthier and longer nails. You can see the post here.

A week has passed and I have faithfully been using Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail lotion three times a day. I also soaked my nails in olive oil once during the week. So what do my nails look like now?

There has been some definite growth but I can't say my nails are any healthier. The tips are growing as weak and transparent as they used to and I can see at least eight peels just waiting to happen. I guess it will take time for my nails to become stronger though so I shouldn't expect great results immediately. I'll keep this nail care regime going and give you another update next week.
Bye for now,


  1. I have weak nails, too. That's why I always cut them so short! I find that wearing nail varnish helps - at least my nails don't break or split as often - but I don't know how healthy this is in the long run!

  2. i hope your nails get stronger! i've seen some nail strengthening stuff that look like nail polish. maybe you can try looking it up? i'll take a picture of it when i get the chance. :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. Unfortunately all my nail growth progress was wiped out during the weekend and I now have lots of chips and peels again. Looks like my short nails will be here to stay for a while.

    Bellini, I know what you mean, I think a few coats of nail polish does help. Looks good too :-)

    Mimi, I've tried a few nail strengthening polishes that look like clear polish but haven't had much luck with them. At the moment I'm using Essence Nail Repair.

  4. Awesome! They are looking great. :)

  5. Thanks Susie. Shame they don't look like that anymore!


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