Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OPI and China Glaze

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Greetings girls!

Today was my first day at my new job so I wore one of my lovely suits, took my beautiful bag and briefcase with me and started at the bottom of the accounting career ladder. This week is an induction week, which means lots of information is being thrown at me (and the other new trainees) but most of it won't make any sense until we start working properly. Tomorrow we're being introduced to the firm's auditing software. I think it will be an intense day. Anyway, I heard a lot of worrying and scary stuff during the course of the day but one piece of good news I did pick up on is that, starting from next Monday, I will be in college for two weeks. Why is that good? Because college = casual clothes = nail polish! Yay :-)

This leads us nicely on to the title of today's post, OPI and China Glaze. When I was in London at the weekend I noticed a hairdressing salon with nail polish on display in the windows. On closer inspection, I saw this:

This was very exciting for me because it was the first time I'd ever seen OPI and China Glaze nail polish for sale. Of course I've read about them and seen swatches on your blog but I'd never seen the bottles in real life.
What about the prices? OPI bottles were priced at £10 and China Glaze at £5. Is this normal? I knew OPI was around the £10 mark but I had no idea what price China Glaze retailed at. For me £5 is a bit expensive, although I did spend that on my GOSH Holographic polish, but if I really wanted a certain colour I would consider spending that. I didn't buy any (due to a lack of spending money and short, short nails) but oh I did enjoy looking.
How much are you willing to spend on a bottle of nail polish and what are your favourite brands?
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  1. I saw a hairdressing salon in London where they sold China Glaze for £8, so I guess £5 is a good price. The most expensive nail polish I have is the Seche Vite dry fast top coat which was £9, but I think it's totally worth it.
    Alícia xx

  2. China Glaze over here is around $6 something. It's a pretty good nail polish brand.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I thought China Glaze was a lot more expensive than £5. A nail salon in my town sells OPI for £10 too. I could never justify spending that much. The most I've spend is probably £3/£3.50.

  4. I thought china glaze would be the same price range as opi. I think most of my nails inc polishes were between £3-5 in gift sets and this summer I'd only got so many rimmel and barry m ones because of their offers. Knowing there are so many brands to choose from I don't think I'll spend over £5 unless I really really wanted a shade I can get otherwise.
    That's a nice surprise you can wear casual clothes for two weeks.

  5. Just looked on Sally express and china glaze polishes are £5.99 each, unfortunatly photos aren't entirely clear so you'd have to know the colours from blogs etc

  6. how cool! i'd be excited too if i see european brands being sold here. :) i usually just borrow some of my sister's nail polish, she loves to buy both opi and china glaze.

    <3, Mimi

  7. Thanks for the comments girls, and for letting me know what prices these polishes can retail at.
    I think I'd be tempted to try a £5 China Glaze but a £10 OPI is too expensive for me. Either I'd be disappointed with the polish and angry at myself for spending so much or I'd love the polish and immediately want to buy more. Neither option would be a good thing!

  8. In the U.S. and where I live specifically, (California,) OPI is $8 and China Glaze is $6.50 so they're both quite pricey. Sometimes I can find China Glaze on sale but OPI is always expensive.

    Anyway, oh my gosh! Did you used to be on Xanga too? I used to blog there almost every day; it's been so long. My screen name was "gottaget_thruthis" and I blogged a lot of pictures of myself, so perhaps that's why you asked? I was very excited to see your question because I loved Xanga and it was my first ever blog.

  9. I was a loyal reader of your xanga Asami :-)

  10. moi_meme86, oh my gosh, I remember yooooou! This is so cool! I'm really glad you remembered me because I didn't think I'd ever run across someone from Xanga again! (Except for my husband, haha.) Wow, I'm glad my name is unique! So cool that you found me and that we both ended up being into nail polish so much! :-) :-)

  11. It is pretty cool right? Talk about a small world!


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