Monday, September 13, 2010

Primark Haul and Recommendations Request

Hi girls,

Hope you're all looking forward to the week ahead. I'm feeling rather miserable at the moment. My college work completed defeated me at the weekend and now I'm also suffering from a cold. The show must go on though. First exam is next Monday so now is no time to crumble.

Yesterday I went into town as I desperately needed some casual wear. I got a bit of a shock when I discovered English trading laws mean that most shops either don't open at all on Sunday or don't open until 12. It's true they all stay open until about 8 at night during the week but that's not much good to me when I'm laden down with heavy textbooks. Anyway, good old Primark opened for browsing at 10.30 and for purchasing at 11. This was the first time I'd been in Primark for ages. They have some really nice things at the moment but wow, their prices seem to have increased quite a bit; £11 and £13 are the most popular price tags these days.

I didn't try all my purchases on (risky), but my eye caught a pair of long length jeans which I thought were worth trying. They weren't the style I was after but they were the only style in long length. I never get trousers in Primark so I was unsure of the sizing but decided to go for a 12. They fit, but there's quite a difference between a Primark size 12 and a Camaieu size 12:

I wear my Camaieu jeans a lot so they have become a bit baggy round my thighs now and don't look particularly great so I'm not complaining about the Primark size 12 being smaller, it's just interesting.

Next up are these two nautical-themed tshirts, which I have seen on lots of blogs:

They have fun anchor buttons on the shoulders too. Not my usual style but I like them. I wore the blue one today and loved it.

Vest tops for college. It may be getting cold outside as we approach autumn but stressed and sweaty bodies make my college classroom a sauna.

Striped long-sleeved tshirt. Not sure if I'll keep this yet. I never wear long-sleeved tshirts.

Cream 3/4 length-sleeved jumper with black heart print. Again, not sure if I'll keep this.

Floral cardigan. Yet another not sure item. What do you think?

And now for the my recommendations request. I've fallen out of love with my L'Oreal Matte Morphose foundation. Does anyone have any good and affordable full coverage foundations they would recommend?
Additionally, I'm after a nude nail polish. I went straight to the MUA range but they don't seem to have a nude. I had planned to get a Boots No7 one using my £5 off voucher but when I went to spend it yesterday, the last day the voucher was valid for, I discovered my branch of Boots doesn't open on Sundays. Missed opportunity. So are there any nice nudes out there you know about? I'd love to know your thoughts!
Bye for now,


  1. You got some great things from Primark! I never find any clothes I like, but I love what you found! x

  2. So sorry to hear of your tough weekend! But look at all those cute things you got! Retail therapy always helps.

  3. i love the nautical shirts you got! as for the foundation... i don't really know what would be good, but i've heard a lot of good things about revlon photo ready. hope you find a new foundation you're going to love!

    <3, Mimi

  4. Ooh love the stripey nautical tops and heart sweater. There's been lots of pretty floral items this season. I never know if they'd suit me as I don't wear florals but still lovely to admire. Sorry totally not helpful :p That's so surprising shops don't open on Sundays. What about weekend shopping? It's heaving uptown this past weekend. Only got a oatmeal coloured jumped dress because it was so hard to think and walk through people. It was £7.99 from H&M so I'm happy.

  5. I think Primark can be really hit or miss Olivia. I suppose it helped that I hadn't been shopping for clothes in there for months so I was just pleasantly surprised by everything (except the prices) :-)

    Thanks girlie. It's true, retail therapy (plus blogging) always helps.

    I'm actually just copying Anna, Amy. She wore a floral cardigan one day which I thought was quite nice so I was happy to try the Primark one. They had some nicer floral patterns/colours but a lot of the nicer cardigans were mini ones which just look ridiculous on me.
    Your jumper dress sounds like a bargain. Hope we'll be seeing a photo soon. I really wanted to go to H&M to look for mini nail polish but it only opened at 12 and by that time I had my massive Primark bag and just couldn't be bothered.

    The tshirts are my favourites too Mimi. Thanks for the tip about Revlon's foundation. I'll investigate that one.


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