Thursday, September 30, 2010


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Good evening,

I'm sitting here waiting for my boyfriend to come home. He's been away for six days, visiting his family, but tonight, at midnight, he'll be back here. I had planned to study for a bit and write a letter to stay awake until his arrival but my eyes are so, so tired right now I just want to go to sleep. My job is so bad for my eyes; spending eight hours a day looking at spreadsheets, invoices and bank statements is a strain.

Anyway, this week I was working on an audit of a primary school. It's been a good week actually and apparently I've been working very efficiently. Today my senior said to the manager (who was only with us today), "I keep giving Laura things to do which I think will keep her busy for a few hours but she finishes everything really quickly!". Well I am new at this so I have no idea what's expected of me or how many things I have to do during the week (I am only working on this audit for a week). If I'm given a task to do but not given an indication of how long it should take me then I do tend to assume that I need to work quickly!
The fact that I have, apparently, raced through everything means that I have no work to do on-site tomorrow and so shall be in the office. That's going to be strange because here's what I've been used to:

Week 1: Induction, 9am-4.30/5pm, lunch 1-2pm (done)
Week 2: College, 9am-4pm, two breaks in the morning, an hour for lunch, break in the afternoon (done)
Week 3: College, 9am-4pm, two breaks in the morning, an hour for lunch, break in the afternoon (done)
Week 4: Audit. 9am-5pm, 30min lunch break (done)
Week 5: Audit, 9am-5pm, 30min lunch break

In the office we work from 9am-5.30pm and take an hour for lunch but when we're out at clients' premises we work from 9am-5pm and take only 30mins for lunch. This means tomorrow, for the first time ever, I'm going to have to stay in the office until 5.30pm. In fact, I'm actually going to have to work in the office, which will be a first. Hmm, should be interesting.

In other news:
- my driving's been really good this week :-)
- the new series of The Apprentice (UK) starts next Wednesday :-)
- I have another exam on Monday :-(
- I will have to spend the whole weekend studying :-(

Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend more than I am!

Bye for now,


  1. Good luck with your exam and working longer! :) xx

  2. good luck with your exam! I am so excited for the apprentice!

  3. good luck with exams and studying! :D

    <3, Mimi


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