Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coming Soon

Hi girls!

Just wanted to say that I'm planning a major overhaul of my blog with an exciting new layout and blogging style to look forward to!

I really hope you'll enjoy the newstyle blog and will try not to keep you waiting for too much longer!

Bye for now,


  1. i'm excited to see your new layout for your blog! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. Argh, do not understand computers sometimes. I wrote a huge comment then google wasn't able to sign me in because of something to do with my cookies.
    Anyways, I was asking you how long does one foundation usually last you? Do blog about what you choose in the end as your new one! I wear foundation most days now but barely see the top liquid going down the bottle at all. I've never completely finished one before. :p So just wondering.. Not had time to use primer lately. I think it did absorb oil but could look slightly thick if I'm not careful.

  3. Oh yeh forgot to answer your q. Migraines haven't been creeping up again. Yay. But since I worked on Saturday full day for complete dispensery stock count, the weekend was very short. Hence no blogging just lazing. I've been having insomnia all week. Can't wait for the weekend to start. I think they were just going to make me work six days in one week and I put my foot down and said I didn't want to. In the end they told me last Tuesday at 3pm that I could get Wed off. It was so last min I couldn't plan to do much but at least I got the day off.

  4. Oh yeah talking of Big Bang Theory, I haven't seen the ep where they kiss. I used to watch it when it came on tv when I used to work at the takeaway a lot.
    They've employed a lady to help out so I get my weekends back. :)

  5. Hey Laura, thanks for following my blog. I followed yours :)

    I can't wait to see your new lay out :)

  6. @Mimi, I'm excited to put my new layout into action :-) If only free time wasn't in such short supply!

    @Wing, I've never finished a foundation before either but with my Rimmel one, it's in a pot and I can see the bottom of the pot now. Still got quite a lot left though. I've had it since Oct but didn't start using it immediately.
    Good for you putting your foot down at work. They can be so cheeky sometimes. I'm a bit fed up with my timetable too. This week I have to travel over 2hrs each way every day, meaning over 20hrs of travel out of my own time with no compensation at all. The next couple of weeks aren't great either. Can't wait to have a complaining session when I next see my manager.
    Great that you've got your weekends back btw!

    @EveryDay Makeup Blog, thanks for following :-)

  7. Wah that is a lot of travelling, are you making sure you're occupied with plenty of music, books/magazines etc?
    If I manage to finish a foundation I might treat myself to a higher end one. Especially if I do end up wearing foundation as regularly. I think it will be a long time till I finish anything though as I'm mixing foundations when I'm not using the L'oreal one.
    The new layout looks cool, did you design it yourself?

  8. Unfortunately the journey is 10mins by train then over 1h30 by car, with me as a passenger, so I can't read since I get travel sick or listen to my own music. Today was horrible as the roads are winding and twisty. A couple of times I wondered if I should ask the driver to pull over so I could throw up but I was too shy and just had to focus on breathing and staying calm lol. I can't believe I have to do that journey another 8 times this week though. I'm sure I'll be sick one of these days. Definitely putting my foot down next year if I'm sent back. They should have just paid for us to stay in a hotel.
    Thanks :-) I didn't design the layout but I designed the banner. Took ages and didn't turn out exactly as I had planned but my abilities are limited.


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