Monday, February 7, 2011

That Was The Weekend When

On Friday
I had a 9 week review at work last thing on Friday afternoon, which went very well. Looks like I might have a couple of work trips to look forward to in March and April but ssh, nothing's official yet so my lips are sealed.
*Relaxed with my boyfriend in the evening.

On Saturday
*We gave the supermarkets the cold shoulder and headed to the local market to do our food shopping.
*I met up with my French friend for a girly chat and a slice of cake. It was great.
*Then we met up with 8 other French people for an evening meal and a drink. I drowned in that sea of French conversations. It wasn't very fun to be honest and I was often put on the spot as the official Scottish spokesperson.

On Sunday
*I was invited to eat lunch with two of the French girls, at one of their houses. I ate very well and enjoyed myself much more than I did the previous evening.
*I spoke to my family on the phone, lounged about, read blogs and went to bed early.

Not a bad weekend but Saturday night was a bit depressing.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Bye for now,


  1. I love that you went to your local market, how much nicer they are. My weekend was unusually unproductive, I prefer it when I can see what I've done...

  2. As long as you had a good time being unproductive... :-)

  3. I love food shopping at my local market, such amazing deals of fruit and veg!


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