Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Shoe Shopping

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Greetings girls,

How are you all on the bright and sunny Saturday?

Today I went shopping although I didn't buy much, just a work shirt from H&M (I now own three blue and white shirts from H&M although the patterns and shades of blue are all different so I think that's okay) and a bag from Primark. I had wanted to buy shoes but nothing caught my eye. My feet are slightly special, meaning slip on shoes just slip off my feet so I always need laces or a strap to hold my foot in place and my size varies from a 6 to a 9. This makes shoe shopping a real treat. I'm also not a fan of buying plastic shoes or shoes which have a sole so thin I'm guaranteed to feel every stone I walk on.

With all that in mind, when I came home I decided to have a look on the Marks and Spencer website. I saw a lot of shoes I like the look of but finding out how many of them will be suitable for me will have to wait until next weekend. If neither money nor fit was an issue, these are the shoes I'd be interested in (all images taken from

All of these are priced at under £40 so hopefully at least one or two pairs will fit me well when I try them on. What do you think of these styles ladies? Where do you usually buy your shoes?

Bye for now,


  1. oH MY! Those dotty peep-toes with the bow might be PERFECT for this wedding I'm going to this summer!! :-O

    I'll keep those in mind.

    I usually shop for shoes at Schuh, Office, Dune and Next.


  2. They could indeed be a good match for your blue dress :-)

  3. Oh... no... The blue dress got sent back. It didn't suit me :-( I'm now thinking of a black and cream/white breakfast at tiffanys look.

    I should really just go try some dresses on and stop looking online! x


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