Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Floral NOTD

Hi girls!

Just a quick post today during my lunch break. I'm flying home tonight and then going away early tomorrow morning so I'm afraid I won't be posting this weekend. Not to worry though, I leave you with images of another new Kiko polish I bought last weekend:

I think this shade is less red, more pink in reality but as usual it was hard to capture the colour accurately on camera.

I then stamped a full nail image from my MASH plates using a purple Kiko polish

I liked the results although the purple floral design wasn't as obvious in reality as I would have liked; people only noticed the pattern if the light caught my nails or if they looked particularly closely at them.

Do you like this manicure? Do you like your manicures to be noticeable or subtle?

Bye for now,


  1. Ooh that polish colour reminds me of OPI katy perry's one called the one that got away =)
    And I like the subtle combo... sometimes its nice to not have a mani thats very attention seeking! =P

  2. Hello Laura.
    The nail polish colour is gorgeous and the design is so sweet:)

  3. Hi Laura,

    I read a few days ago that it was your birthday! Hope you had a lovely fabby day!!! Love your blog and love your mani's. I need to get me a Konad kit one day ;)

  4. I like both but lately I've been into the more subtle stamping looks. Such a beautiful look! (Following your blog!)

  5. Did you do anything special or go out for your Birthday? Hope you had a lovely day. Been meaning to say!
    Seems like you've been in Paris for some time. Did you pack enough with you? Or were you super organised?

    I think the kindle should be alright on the eyes considering the newest one at the moment has improved fonts etc. Not heard of any complaints anyways. Even though it's still four months and a half away, I'm quite looking forward to going away. Well and the hot summers too.

  6. @Sara, true, especially for work!

    @Beautyshades, thanks :-)

    @Ling, thank you! A Konad kit will be one of the best things you ever buy :-)

    @A Polished Touch, thank you and thanks for following!

    @Wing, thanks. On my birthday I met up with one of David's friends but that wasn't specifically for my birthday, just the way our plans worked out. When I came back here we went to Bath, Bristol and Oxford and while I was there I was taken our for a belated birthday meal.
    I was super organised with my packing and just took five five work outfits to wear twice plus some casual outfits. It was so warm that my denim skirt and a tshirt were fine.

    @Evelin, thank you! I'm going to look at your blog now :-)


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