Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday's Stamping NOTD

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Morning girls!

Are you having a good weekend? I went for an 11 hour stroll around Paris yesterday. Photos galore. I also found a Kiko store so I bought a few nail polishes ;-) I'll show you them later in the week, for now I'd like to show you the manicure I did last Sunday.

I love this pink polish by Polish brand Lovely but it takes hours and hours to dry so I hardly ever wear it. However, I decided to try it with Seche Vite to see if it made a difference.

Seche Vite did help with the drying time but the results weren't spectacular. Even an hour later, when I had to haul my suitcase on to the airport bus, I managed to smudge one of my nails.

The pattern is one from my MASH plates. I think it's meant to be cow print, not sure. Anyway, I like it! The colours don't show up very well here but it looked nice in reality and it was something a bit different for me. Plus, it was appropriate for work, which is always a bonus.

Do you like this manicure? Do you have any polishes that take an age to dry?

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  1. I really loke this colour but polishes that take forever to dry really get to me. CG usually dries fast but Blue Iguana takes me forever - maybe its because I apply 3 (quite thick) coats to make it realy juicy and :-)

  2. @Nail Stories, juicy and squishy nail polish, lovely, lol. I think I used thick coats of this pink polish too. Always need lots of coats of pale pink polish to cover my tips!

  3. This is a lovely mani! Love the soft colour combination you used.

  4. Your nails look so long and strong! Hope you had a fab time away :) xx

  5. Love it!!

    Sadie xx

  6. This is beautiful. Before I saw that you said you believe it to be a cow print, I thought it looked like soft, fluffy clouds

  7. new favourite manicure from you!

  8. @Sylvia, thanks :-) I liked the colour combination too.

    @Jessica, oh I'm glad they look strong but they're really not!

    @Sadie, :-) !

    @Pixie Polish, thanks :-) I thought about clouds too but since the background was pink...

    @Daisychain, lol, it's hard to keep track of your favourite. Personally mine is still the multicoloured butterflies on the white background.

  9. How feminine!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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