Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's Wardrobe Additions

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Good morning folks!

There's nothing on my wishlist this week so I thought I'd show you my my recent wardrobe additions which I purchased at the weekend :-)

I finally bought a pair of denim shorts after weeks, nay, months, of looking for a pair. I couldn't bring myself to pay more for a pair of shorts than I would for jeans so I ended up with this pair from Asda for £8. They do have turn ups but they aren't stitched so they can always be unfolded.

I also picked up a denim jacket from New Look when they were offering students a 20% discount. It is a mini jacket, with short (3/4 length) sleeves, which is not at all the style I wanted but price won me over as I paid only £13 for this. In my mind, I will wear it with skirts, short dresses and maxi dresses. I just need to buy a maxi dress to be able to put that plan into action.

The shade of denim is somewhere between the two shades portrayed in these photos

It's my birthday next week and I was given some birthday money in advance so I decided to treat myself in Mataln to a skirt and a dress. I don't know why this skirt caught my eye, and to be honest I still haven't made my mind up about it, but it would go with my denim jacket and recently purchased white H&M bow tshirt. I also have a pink cropped cardigan which I think would match. It's very rare for me to think in terms of complete outfits but this skirt has obviously spurred me on.

Just as I was getting ready to head for the till, I spotted this dress. Again, it's not my normal style but, em, it has butterflies all over it and as you may have gathered from my last post, I like butterflies.

The butterflies have purple and blue shades on their wings and black sequins on their bodies. However, on the back of the dress the butterflies don't have sequins so you don't have to worry about snagging them when sitting down.

What do you think of this dress? Is it a keeper?

Do you like my purchases girls? Would you wear any of these items?

Bye for now,


  1. that dress is totally a keeper!

  2. @Daisychain, ok, if you say so ;-)

  3. Hi! Love Your blog!
    I see that you've got a lot of awards... there is yet another one for you on my blog! ;)

  4. @Silvia, thank you! Glad you like it so much :-)

    @Cristina, thank you very much! I really appreciate the award :-)


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