Monday, July 19, 2010

NOTD (Bit of a fail)

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I spent about eight hours cleaning on Saturday and totally wrecked my nails so once again I've had to cut them to a length that's so short I want to cry every time I look at my hands. They look awful bare so this morning I went for a polka dot design using Eyeko Lilac Polish and Nails Inc Spitalfields:

It looks okay in real life but the colour combination isn't that great for me as it looks very similar to a pastel purple and white polka dot design I did a couple of months ago.
Before leaving you for the day, let me present the collection of suits I've managed to recently acquire:

From right to left: Black, black, grey, black, black, ooh charcoal! I'm really going to brighten up the office in this attire. Pfft.

Bye for now,


  1. Fab nails! You did that yourself? wow... I'm wearing a Chanel colour at the moment, I'll post about it this week... Hahaha lots of dark suits! I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll visit my blog soon.

  2. Thanks! And welcome :-)
    Polka dots are easy to do when you have a dotting tool so it's quite a "safe" option when I want some kind of pattern but can't be bothered with "proper" nail art hehe.
    I'm heading over to your blog now...

  3. I tried doing lines the other day with the dotting tool but wasn't picking enough nail varnish up so made a mess. Your nails look pretty like baby pastel colours.
    Ha love your photo of suits. Now remember you'll have to wear bright short sleeves to stand out. :D
    I spent £20.50, so with your addition it was just over £30 for free delivery. I find it hrd to believe I managed to put that much into my basket. In the end I took out about five items I decided I didn't need/want. Otherwise would have been bout £30.
    I would say I was quite shy at the BBQ but did talk to various people at different occasions.

  4. i like how you did your nails! i don't think it's a fail at all. :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. Hmm, I've never tried lines though I still think lines with various shades of pink would look nice.

    Thanks Mimi. The manicure is definitely growing on me now :-)

  6. Oh Laura! That's not a fail! They look gorgeous.

    Your work wardrobe looks exactly like mine. I guess though, it's important to be taken seriously, if you get bored of it, throw on a bright shirt and a bold necklace to go with your suits.

    Whatever way though, you'll look gorgeous


  7. Aw thanks!
    You're right, it is important to be taken seriously. And I'm starting my job at the same time as 3 or 4 other people so I don't want to stand out too much, at least not in the beginning when I have no idea what I'm doing LOL.


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