Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Currently listening to: Back Here by BBMak

Greetings from me and my short nails. Today I was busy sorting out all my cds so that I can either sell them or donate them to charity shops. What fun I had! Additionally, I only recently discovered the beauty of having a youtube account and being able to create playlists so my musical finds in my house this morning sparked off a jump back in time to classic hits such as BBMak's Back Here ;-) I was never that much of a fan of youtube but now I love my youtube playlists. Not only that, I also went through the pile of clothes that was sitting on the top of my wardrobe so I now have three extra pairs of jeans to wear that I'd completely forgotten about.

The main excitement of the day, however, was my trip to see a secondhand car. Now I didn't share this at the time but last week I almost bought a car. I didn't, because the gits at Arnold Clark sold it behind my back, but nonetheless, it was a step in the car-buying direction. Today was the second step. My dad successfully negotiated a price and we took the car out for a test drive, on the assumption that if it was a good drive, I'd buy the car today. Of course it wasn't a good drive. It was very noisy. So we don't know if there's a problem with the engine or if we're just looking for a reason not to buy it (because although the price was dropped, it's still a lot of money)... This was at 5.15pm, ie too late in the day to hang around and investigate, so I think someone at the dealership will take it out for a test drive tomorrow morning then give us a call to let us know their verdict. On the plus side, I bought a TomTom sat nav yesterday and used it to guide us to the dealership today :-)

Anyway, enough of this blethering, here are my nails of the day:

Barry M Mushroom with a Spanish pastel pink shade for the stamping. I'm looking at my nails now (and of course I can't like them that much because they're shorter than I'd prefer) and while I can't say I love the colour combination (yet again), I think this manicure might look better in tomorrow's daylight. We shall see.

Bye for now,


  1. how cute!!! i love it! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. What amazing nails - I'm always fascinated with such details but I could never... I'm not that good with nails! Thanks for your supportive comment on my car!

  3. Thanks but don't be fooled, it's easy! No freehanding, skill or talent necessary, just an image plate, scraper and stamper :-)
    You're welcome, I would fall to pieces if that happened to me. I just hope your car is repaired soon and you can try to forget about what happened.

  4. Stunning, love the simplicity of it :)


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