Friday, July 2, 2010



Tonight I'm going to my cousin's evening wedding reception so I thought that was as good an excuse as any to do my nails again. I did love Wednesday's NOTD but my thumb nails were starting to chip slightly and that just wouldn't do for tonight. So, without further ado, I present to you another NOTD courtesy of my Bundle Monster image plates:

Do you have your weekend manicures already planned?
Bye for now,


  1. I love planning manicures! ha ha. I have a whole folder on my laptop for nail art inspiration! These look lovely! You're so good at using them already! xx

  2. Ooh nice! I'm sure not many people would spot chipping. Had a super stressful day at work so napped a little more than intended not long after dinner. Now going to paint brook street by Nails Inc, a slightly creamy pink coral

  3. Oh my, this is just too pretty!:D
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  4. Thanks girls! Nobody at the wedding paid any attention to my nails, the fools, but I happily admired them all night long lol.


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