Sunday, July 4, 2010

Updated NOTD

I couldn't resist updating yesterday's manicure and trying out a new nail art pen I was recently given:

It's a light blue shade and I used the pen to outline the diamond pattern here as the straight lines were already provided for me and I thought it would be easier to keep a steady hand by following them haha.

With some practice, I think I'd be happy doing this structured pattern again but I don't think freehand nail drawing is for me so I'll be sticking to nail decorations and stamping.

Have you had any success with nail art pens?


  1. I'm not quite patient enough for stamping but would really fancy getting nail pens to do nautical and candy stripes. Had a google without much luck. Might try ebay but my acounts on ebay and paypal has been inactive for ages. Can't remember the passwords :s

  2. That's great you like te twinings green tea too.Lately I've been saving my stash and drinking normal tea, vimto and copella apple juice instead. I've been to cameron toll and meadowbank's Sainsburys' last week and both didn't have apple and pear. Oh well, was worth a look. They had lots other like pineapple and something. I might stick to the normal version once my flavoured ones run out. Or try pop over to Morrison's in hope that I'm the only person buying them. heh.

  3. Ooh candy stripes would be lovely. I bought nail art pens on ebay about 3 years ago but didn't use them much. They're in the garage now (where most of my "non-essential" stuff from the flat has been stored) but since I'm supposed to be doing a big clear out I'm sure I'll come across them soon. I don't remember the colours being that great though.
    I'll keep an eye out for the apple and pear green tea. It was Sainsbury's at Cameron Toll where I bought my mango ones. 2 boxes for £2 so got 1 mango and 1 plain. The only drink I really want now though is another vanilla chai latte!

    Thanks Olivia! I kept one hand as the original design and used the nail art pen on the other hand (although I didn't go outside like this!) but couldn't decide which I liked better.


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