Monday, October 4, 2010


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Hello girls,

Thank you for your messages wishing me good luck for my exam today. Unfortunately, it was a complete disaster. 40 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes. Taking 5 minutes to do individual questions only to discover that my answer wasn't one of the options. Giving up and moving on. Finding the same thing happening again and again. Only having one minute to do the last 6 questions. Guessing the answer to 15 of the questions. Pfft. I know I've failed but I will officially get my result tomorrow morning, while I'm back in the office with all my colleagues, yippee.

Anyway, the one good thing about exam days is that although the exams are in the mornings, we don't have to go to work in the afternoons :-) I went shopping, spent a small fortune in Boots (more about my purchases later) and came home to catch up with weekend tv and paint my nails.

I've gone for Eyeko Tea Rose Polish with a coat of No7 Stay Perfect in Twinkle as my first office manicure:

L to R: 2 coats of Eyeko Tea Rose Polish + 1 coat of No7 Twinkle, 2 coats of Eyeko on its own

Initially, the coat of No7 Twinkle seems to lighten the appearance of Tea Rose Polish but actually, once it's dry, there's not so much of a difference colour-wise, we just see some colours shimmering when the light catches my nails and subtle pieces of rainbow glitter.

What do you think?

Bye for now,


  1. oh no :( Sorry to hear about the exam, but your nails look fab :) xx

  2. Always look on the bright side! Thanks :-)

  3. Nice! I love to layer glitter polish on matte ones too.

  4. my nail color right now is glittery pink too, it's just a bit brighter. and i am so excited to see your future posts on the items you bought! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. Glitter looks great but is always such a pain to remove! I find using a glitter topcoat always makes my polish peel off and chip really quickly too, which is irritating. Does anyone else have this problem too?


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