Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eyeko Vintage Polish

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Salut les filles!

Sorry I've been absent for the past week, I came to France last Sunday and did plan to blog but for various reasons it just didn't happen. I have so much catching up to do with all your blogs!

This evening I'd like to show you Eyeko's Vintage Polish, which I bought from ASOS for £2.10 but which is sold on Eyeko's website for £4.

This was two coats. Drying time was fine. I can't comment on lasting power as I changed my manicure soon after taking these pictures.

I was a little disappointed with this polish purely because once I applied it, I felt it actually looked like a dupe for MUA shade 5. Is it? Well we'll seen when I do a comparison during the week!

Do you have this shade? What do you think of Eyeko's polishes?

Bye for now,


  1. Sorry you were dissapointed. It looks like such a fun color.

  2. I'll try it again soon since it is really suitable for spring. I was just hoping for something a bit different I suppose!


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