Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Talons (E.L.F Pearl)

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Good afternoon ladies,

How's your week going so far?

Today I have a nail polish from E.L.F to show you, Pearl, which I ordered in December.

This is a frosted shade which means you can see brush strokes and drying time is relatively long. I didn't try it with a matte top coat but I'd be interested to see if it had a strong effect on the appearance.

I quite like the shade although it's not one I would wear on its own; I prefer to add colour by stamping or simply adding a glitter top coat.

Wear wasn't great, I had visible tip wear and chips after less than a day and a half. It's hard to complain if you take price into consideration though. E.L.F polishes cost £1.50 for 10ml and are available from the brand's website (beware of relying too heavily on the site's colour swatches, I'd recommend looking at blogger's personal swatches).

Have you tried any E.L.F polishes?

Bye for now,


  1. never tried ELF products cause I don't think they have them in Japan. I do wish they did, I'd love to try some of their stuff out. That color looks really nice

  2. I haven't tried ELF products, but I guess I might in the nearest future. Read in a newspaper that white nails are back again so I guess that's a good thing. The shimmery/frosted white colour is pretty though :)

    Oh and thanks for following my blog, following yours now as well ;)

  3. @Rilakumaki, aw, I bet there are lots of great Japanese brands you can have fun discovering :-)

    @Olivia, welcome :-) Glad to know I'm on trend!

  4. I've tried a few of their products, but only one nail polish. I'd love to get some more, but the Spanish website is always out of stock and we can't buy from the British website any more ):
    Btw, I just sent you a request on twitter (; x

  5. @Leesha, that's a shame. There are a few products the British site always seems to have out of stock when I want to take advantage of free shipping offers.
    Thanks for the twitter request :-)

  6. I love the frosted colour, I'd like in a frosted pink. I haven't tried any elf nail varnishes yet, but for the price of them think I will have to try xxx


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