Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Foreign Find

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Hi folks!

Do you remember what was on my wishlist this Wednesday? Milani 3D Holographic nail polishes- not available in the UK. However, I recently found a site which ships US brands internationally and Milani is one of the brands they stock :-)

The site is called Cherry Culture, have you used it before?

Milani's Holographic polishes are sold for $4.49 (£2.75) and shipping starts from $8.95 (£5.50). Would I spend £8.25 on importing a holographic nail polish? Nope. But here's my train of thought:

China Glaze will soon be releasing the Tronica range of holographic nail polishes and these will be available in the UK. I would guess the price will be £6.49 at Sally's. £6.49 for one China Glaze or £11 for two Milani? Or £13.75 for three Milani bringing the cost per bottle down to £4.58. Hmm....

What's the most expensive nail polish you've bought? Mine (excluding nail treatments) was GOSH Holographic for £5.

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  1. Oh it is always more worth it to buy more I think. Although I do rarely order out of the UK.
    I came home to a box with Yeyo pencil inside. :) Thank you! Funnily enough, after reading Lipglossiping's blog about Naked being back in stock at Debenhams, I went over and bought it and almost got Yeyo too.

  2. i'm lucky that i don't have to buy a lot of nail polish because my sister usually buys all the new and beautiful colors, so i just borrow hers. :) i think the most expensive nail polish i've seen is opi at $9!

    <3, Mimi

  3. @Wing, you're welcome :-) After reading Lipglossiping's post I almost texted you about the Naked palette but then remembered you follow her too.

    @Mimi, aaaah you are so lucky!

  4. I've had soup loads before at work but I'm no multi-tasker when it comes to eating. Talking and eating yes, eating and other things not so much.


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