Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Weekend's Haul

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Hello girls!

Have you all had a good weekend? I had the day off from work on Monday so my mum came down to Manchester for a visit. We walked around Manchester on Friday, spent the day in Liverpool yesterday and didn't have time for much this morning before she took the train back to Edinburgh. It was a great weekend though :-)

Of course on our travels we did do quite a lot of shopping. Here's my haul from the weekend:

What can you spot? A pair of work shoes from M&S (£25) and flipflops from Primark (£2.50)

A scarf from New Look (£3)

A belt from New Look (£3) which I intend to wear with my maxi dress when I get one and an umbrella from Dorothy Perkins (£5)

A tshirt from Primark (£8) although I haven't tried this on so I'm not yet sure if it's a keeper

A stripey blazer from H&M (£25)

Simple Hydrating Moisturiser, Eyeko Vintage nail polish (ASOS, £2.10), MUA nail polish (Superdrug, £1), Clinique moisturiser and lip gloss from Glamour magazine

A silver curb link chain, silver heart necklace, pearl ring (all from shops in Liverpool) and amazonite earrings from my mum (which I believe she bought from QVC) - what a great match for my new Eyeko polish

So as you can see I did spoil myself this weekend although all items (apart from the jewellery) were things I had on my spring/summer wishlist.

What did you do this weekend?

Bye for now,


  1. i love that scarf :)
    good stuff!


  2. Ah nothing better than retail therapy. :)Jewelery pieces looks super pretty. I didn't receive my Clinique freebie when my magazine arrived. :( Looked and looked everywhere, maybe it fell out somewhere. I still haven't received my subscription gift from August. I must have chased them up about three times now.

  3. Nice shopping! I love the t shirt!! :) she looks like an elf

  4. @Alexandra, it is pretty :-) I got it for under half price too which is always a good thing.

    @Wing, Glamour have been so rubbish with your subscription. Do you chase up your gift by phone or email?

    @Alice, I just hope the tshirt fits when I try it on!

  5. I love this haul!:D Your blazer is cute and those are pretty accessories.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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