Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's Floral NOTD

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I am so excited to show you today's manicure as I think it's my favourite out of all the manicures I've ever done! Enough words, here's the first picture:

Ah, I love it. The original base is from yesterday's post, Miss Sporty stamped with GOSH Holographic. Like most nail fans, if I like a manicure but don't particularly love it, I'll quickly add some modifications or change it. I couldn't leave this alone so I stamped with another full nail image from MASH m64 using Natural Collection Hibiscus.

I don't know why I like this so much, possibly just because I managed to double stamp two full nail images which I've never tried to do before.

This is not a subtle manicure, as evidenced by the fact that two men noticed my nails and admired them. I do believe that's the first time in 10 months a client has noticed my nails (I'm an accountant, my clients see my nails a lot).

Although present, the holographic polish isn't striking so I think using plain silver would work just as well. I also think trying this manicure in lilac and blue will work too. Can't wait to try.

What are your thoughts girls? Do you like this manicure as much as I do?

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  1. it looks great, no wonder your clients noticed your nails :D

  2. Beautiful! Love the layered stamping... I really need to give it a go myself soon!

  3. Love this! Although I pretty much love anything pink and floral :P

  4. please, please come and do my nails!

  5. i love them! from which company is mash? ive never heard of it before and i want to get my hands on them!

  6. @Lady Pink, thanks :-) I must admit, the client noticing did make my day lol.

    @Sara, thanks! Turns out it's not so tricky.

    @Lydia, anything pink and floral has got to be good, I agree ;-)

    @Laura, with pleasure :-)

    @Kate, thanks! I hadn't heard of Mash either, just randomly found them on They were cheap, had good reviews and the full nail images seems bigger than the first Bundle Monster full images so I thought they were worth a try :-)


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