Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOTD Plus Konad Storage

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Good morning dear readers!

I couldn't resist adding some more stamping to yesterday's manicure so I chose a star image from BM21 and used my dark purple Miss Sporty polish.

Do you prefer this manicure with or without the stars?

The other thing I'd like to show you today is my way of storing all my image plates. When I first bought image plates, I used this purse from Accessorize to store them:

That was fine when I only had my two Konad plates and the first Bundle Monster set but as I recently got the new Bundle Monster set and a MASH set, it became increasingly annoying having to take every single plate out just to choose an image plus my purse was becoming alarmingly full.

In steps some environmentally friendly thinking :-) Reduce, reuse, recycle. I decided to reuse a biscuit packet for storage. It has two distinct sections when I can separate full nail images from small images and I can even fit my stamper and scraper in too.

It's a good solution for the time being but still not ideal. I'd love something where I could see each image plate individually displayed.

How do you store your image plates? Do you have any ideas about how I could store mine?

Bye for now,


  1. I love the biscuit box idea! I have nothing better, mine are scattered all over atm. I'm cleaning/rearranging/reorganizing tomorrow though so maybe I'll find something better?

  2. @thenailaholic, good luck :-)

  3. Love your little storage box :-). Also, how do you get the Miss Sporty purple polish to look so good for stamping? I have tried and mine looks so sheer :-(

  4. i think i like it with the stars! i've never tried stamping...but i'd like to!

  5. it looks interesting with the they´re flying through the universe :D

  6. I like the mani =] Interesting combo and it looks cool!
    Love the storage box too!

  7. I use a small photo album so each plate gets a sleeve. That works pretty good for me because all you have to do is flip through them...I have also seen people use business card holders with plastic sleeves, and finally I think Konad actually sells a plate holder now!

  8. Handy way of storing your plates. I like this mani WITH the stars

  9. I was going to suggest something like what Amber said. That seems like the best way to me! And I prefer the mani before the stars, but that might just be because I'm partial to zebra print.

  10. This mani reminds me of Lisa Frank designs, so whimsical!:D

    Nice storage idea, btw.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. @Nail Stories, thanks :-) As for stamping with Miss Sporty, there are a few times when the image is really watery and smudged on the stamp so I avoid transferring that onto my nail but most times I don't have a problem with it. I don't know why :s

    @Paulina, thanks!

    @Oomph, good to know :-) You could have great fun coordinating your outfits with your stamped nails!

    @Lady Pink, nice image!

    @Sara, thanks :-)

    @Amber, thanks for your storage ideas! I like the photo album idea, must investigate!

    @Pixie Polish, thanks for sharing your preference :-)

    @Poetic Realist, they do seem like good ideas :-) I suppose I could also use a cd travel case as that has lots of plastic sleeves too. Hmm. I'm partial to zebra print too :-)

    @Marie, ooh, I must look up Lisa Frank!

  12. Hey again! Just thought i'd let you know that i'v tagged you to do the google game =] Hope you'l like it!

  13. woah! this mani is really beautiful! i love he color combination too! hehe i really love blue!! hehe want to try it too on my nails :)
    by the way im a new follower, i enjoy reading your blog, :)

    visit my blog :)

  14. Beautiful!! Laura, I love your nails all the time...and I wish I could be as good as you at application xoxo

  15. I think this is wonderful I love love love it :)

    You have received the Top 10 Award:

  16. @Sara, thanks. I loved your answers :-)

    @Neelai, thanks! And thank you for following :-) I'll definitely have a look at your blog :-)

    @Ling, thank you! My application isn't always so good, a cotton bud dipped in nailpolish removed usually comes in handy lol

    @Diana, thanks! And thanks for the award :-)

  17. That is some awesome storage. I wouldve never thought of that - great idea! Mine is currently just stacked. Also I love your mani! Its perfect for fourth of july!

  18. I came across this idea of storing the plates i thought it was quite a good idea.


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