Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Manicure

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Good morning girls!

I hope you're all starting the week on a high :-) A pretty manicure always helps things get off to a good start to here's mine, using Kiko 254 as the base colour, Bourjois Bleu Asphalt as the stamping colour and image plate BM221.

One of my gripes with using Seche Vite is that it makes my glossy nails difficult to photograph ;-)

Do you like this manicure? I love the colour combination and the stamp; it's definitely one I'll be making a lot of use of in the future. It's just a shame it was difficult to photograph.

Bye for now,


  1. Drool at that Kiko 254... I absolutely love this combo sweetie =) this looks stunning on you =)


  2. @Sarahlouise, aw, thanks :-)

  3. Cute! I never heard of kiko. would you recommend the brand and is it expensive? I really want to find some inexpensive polishes that are decent in quality. It's kinda hard in Japan cause they are all in tiny bottles and hella expensive.

  4. hey thanks so much for following and these nails are awesome!

  5. @Rilakumaki, thanks :-) Kiko is an Italian brand which I found in France for €2.50 for 11ml so it is quite an inexpensive but good quality brand I think. The polishes are easy to apply but I can't comment on drying time or staying power since I use Seche Vite as my fast drying top coat. That's a shame polishes in Japan are so expensive. Are there no bargain brands? :-(

    @Danielle, you're welcome :-) and thanks!

  6. That is really pretty! Good combo!


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