Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Fingers ft Red Angel

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Hello girls!

Have you missed me? Once again, a lack of light prevented me from taking photos of my recent manicures and blogging about them but yesterday I managed to take some pictures in my car so here they are, for your eyes only:

I did a French manicure using Eyeko Petite Polish as the base and a regular white polish for the tips.

I then decided to stamp using Kiko 346 and two of my new Red Angel plates, 110 and 120.

I decided on a heart image and, for probably the first time ever, also had an accent nail with a slightly different heart image. I wasn't very pleased with it though so I added a coat of Miss Sporty glitter. That didn't make it any better unfortunately.

What do you think of this manicure girls? I wasn't a fan of it but it has inspired me to do more French manicures with stamping.

Bye for now,


  1. That is so cute!! The hearts are grey-t. XD Don't hate me, I HAD to do it!!

  2. @Ashesela, LOL, brilliant, I love a good word play :-)

  3. I love a good french mani! I like the idea of stamping them too....I like to do an accent finger or 2!

  4. I love how you do french manis with stamping, they always looks o pretty!! I like accent nails on other persons, but on me it just doesn't look good. So I get why you don't like it, but I still think it looks cute the way it is!

  5. ow! i want red angel plates too! :)

  6. That is such a cute and pretty mani! I personnally like the accent nail (no surprise here =P)

  7. I think this mani looks really cute and the accent nail is just fine! maybe without the glitter. I need to get those Red Angel plates like now :-P

  8. @Polish and Charms, :-) I think I need to incorporate more accent nails into my manicures

    @Theodora, aw, thanks :-)

    @neelai, yay, add them to your collection :-)

    @IsaD, LOL

    @Polish AMOR, thanks! Yeh, the glitter didn't add anything!

    @dayschain, thank you!

    @Ingrid, thanks! And thanks for following :-)

  9. I do like this but agree the accent nail is kind of weird! I love that heart stamp. Need to use mine!


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