Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday's Talons

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Good morning girls! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa was good to you ;-)

Today I'd like to show you my first gradient manicure:

My first step was to use two coats of E.L.F Pearl as my base.

I then sponged on a lilac Wibo shade.

Next I sponged on 332 by Kiko and finally a dark purple Miss Sporty shade. It was supposed to be a purple gradient but the lilac looked pink and the dark purple looked navy...

In an attempt to rescue the manicure, I used a glitter topcoat with silver moons and stars in it.

This wasn't a total success but I think it's a fair attempt for my first gradient manicure. What do you think? And did you get any nice polishes from Santa?

Bye for now,


  1. Ooo pretty!!! :D Loving the colours you used for this!

  2. I think it turned out nicely :-) I love the colors!

  3. Colors are lovely! Very cute design.

  4. First off: The colors you chose work perfectly together! Just beautiful :)
    The sponging looks awesome too! I never manage to create a good gradient..it's really hard isn't it ? Nevertheless I love this manicure!

  5. @Kaki, thanks!

    @Ashesela, aw, thank you :-)

    @~*SS*~, I'm glad you liked it :-)

    @Hlopushka, thanks!

    @Sandra, thank you!

    @Theodora, thank you! I thought creating a gradient was going to be really easy but turns out it's quite difficult...

  6. Hi Laura - I like the star and moon glitter. I can never find any moon glitter. Thx for following my blog (I'm new to polishing.) :)

  7. @Ms. Lizard, welcome! Thanks for following me too :-) Your nail art and manicures are so impressive, you would never know you're new to polishing!

  8. I really love the colors you used on this!! I still haven't tried a gradient yet-I really need to!

  9. Hi dear, I have passed you an award ..please do check my blog !

  10. @Fingers, thanks! I think I'll be trying a gradient again :-)

    @Divine Blush, aw, thank you!


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