Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday's Talons (Patriotic Double Stamping)

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Greetings dear readers!

I'm so excited to show you today's manicure:

I say it's patriotic as yesterday (30th November), when I wore this, was St Andrew's Day. St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and our flag is blue and white therefore my colours were very apt :-)

I started with a base of No48 by Easy Paris. Although the name features the word easy, application was anything but. I had to apply four coats and each one was more difficult than the last to apply. It was such a mess I had to double stamp in order to cover it up.

First I stamped animal stripes using Bundle Monster plate BM223 and Miss Sporty silver. I didn't want this to feature prominently in my manicure but I wanted my patchy white base to be covered up and lifted.

I then stamped using Midnight Sapphire by Boots 17 and my favourite floral image from BM224.

Here's a close-up so you can see the silver stamping more clearly.

What do you think girls?

Bye for now,


  1. This is sooo gorgeous!!!! Wonderful manicure. This also reminds me of Dutch art. My grandmother came to Canada from Holland, and a lot of the art is done in blue and white too. Lovely! :D

  2. Oh yeah, I nominated you for the Nail Art Friendly Blog award. :D

    (Sorry to link to my blog, but I wanted to show you the page:

  3. I take it that the white polish isn't your favourite one, then! :D
    The silver stripes is a very good idea, it looks subtle but pretty.

  4. It's so pretty and I love how the silver peeks through.

  5. this reminds me a lot of traditional dutch china!

  6. @Ashesela, thanks! I know the art you mean, I was kind of aiming for something resembling "Delftware" :-) And thank you so much for the award!

    @Rainbowify Me, ha, well I bought it abroad for about 60cents so I can't really complain I suppose.

    @Anja, aw, thank you!

    @Polish and Charms, thanks :-)

    @Sandra, thanks! The silver is subtle but does the trick I think.

    @daisychain, I'm glad I was able to transfer the idea in my head to my nails :-)

  7. I think this looks like that pottery that has these two colors to it!!! I am loving this a lot!!!

  8. Fingers, thanks! I love your enthusiastic response :-)


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