Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday's Swatch ft Icicle Storm

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Good evening girls!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and, if you're in the UK, enjoyed watching the amazing semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing :-)

Today I'd like to show you a franken I made a couple of weeks ago, Icicle Storm:
I think the reason for the name is clear when you look at the polish in the bottle but once applied to my nails, the polish loses its connection to the name and the blue becomes a lot deeper than I wanted it to be.

These pictures show three coats of polish but there is still visible nail line. I didn't have the heart to layer on another coat though.

Although this polish contains both shimmer and glitter, only the shimmer is really noticeable on my nails. I have the odd fleck of glitter here and there but as with my other franken, it is difficult to transfer the glitter from the bottle to my nails.

I'll definitely use this polish again but I may try to lighten it so on my nails it looks more akin to what's in the bottle.

What do you think girls?

Bye for now,


  1. I did some franken polishes yesterday too, and I have the same problem with the glitter .. it's stunning in the bottle but not noticeable on my nails...aaargh! Your franken is gorgeous though, in the bottle and on your nails. too bad it needs 3 or more coats :P

  2. Pretty Shade Laura.. If stamping has to be done in this base .. Can we chose Dark blue.. will it be rite???

  3. @Theodora, it's so frustrating isn't it?! I could spend hours trying to perfect the "recipe". Glad you liked this one :-)

    @Divine Blush, thanks! If you look at tomorrow's post, you will see I chose to stamp using white. I hope you like it :-) But I agree with you, I think dark blue would also look good with this shade :-) I will try that next time!

  4. I actually prefer the colour that turns up on your nails. It's a bummer about the glitter now showing itself though. :)

  5. It's such a unique shade, I really like it.

  6. I have yet to make a franken, but it looks so fun to do :)

  7. Oh I want this so much!!! :D I love the colour, the shimmer, and the name! Definitely a winner in my book, and if this was in circulation I would so have to buy a bottle!!

  8. that's such a beautiful shade of blue x

  9. @Rainbowify Me, glad you like it :-)

    @Sandra, thanks!

    @Whimsical Glam, oh I'd recommend making some if you have any empty bottles of polish or polishes you don't like. It quickly becomes addictive :-)

    @Ashesela, thank you! I shall bear that in mind when I start up my own business ;-) It's an easy shade to create though so I'm sure you could come up with it too!

    @daisychain, thanks :-)


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