Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NOTD (BM plate 19)

Hello ladies,
The pictures above are the results of my second fauxnading session. It's not at all what I planned but I love it. Originally, I had wanted to use the nail tip images but my first try was a complete disaster so I decided to go for another full nail image.

Before buying the Bundle Monster image plates, I read a lot of reviews about the product. The general consensus seemed to be that they weren't as good quality as the Konad image plates but they were still worth having. One criticism I often came across was that the full nail images were smaller than Konad's and too small to cover a whole nail. I've never tried a full nail image from Konad so I can't make any comparisons but it is true that this image was too small for a couple of my nails, particularly my thumb nails, and having to double stamp was a pain because I found it impossible to match the image correctly. However, I'm optimistic that practice will help me to improve my technique.
For this manicure I used BM image plate 19, H&M "Fashionista" polish for the stamping and Editt Cosmetics Magic Visage (I think this brand is only found in Poland, I'm not sure) in a metallic purple shade for the base. Oh, and I also used my Essence nail polish remover pen to get rid of all the stamping residue from around my nails. What a life saver that was; so much easier and better than using cotton wool.
I hope you like it :-)
Bye for now,


  1. WOW, so pretty.
    Ya the BM plates are too small for my thumbs but they have a lot of nice designs.

  2. This is gorgeous! After seeing you've got some, I think I might have to place an order on Ebay :) xx

  3. Thanks!
    I wonder, if my nails ever grow long again, how difficult it will be to line up the image lengthwise if I'm already having problems with the width.
    I bought my set on, Olivia, so if you can get a set on ebay I definitely think you're on to a good thing!


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