Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aloha Sun Mattified (NOTD)

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Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Following a comment on yesterday's post, I decided to mattify Essence Aloha Sun using my Rimmel matte topcoat. Here are the results:

I like how it looks and I love the texture too so I'm very glad I tried that. I just wonder how long it's going to last. The topcoat apparently has the power to last for 10 days but somehow I doubt it will...
Looking forward to the week ahead, I'm dreading work this week as driving to the client I'm going to work with requires using the motorway. I don't mind the motorway itself, it's working out which lane to be in as I go round these crazily busy, big and badly signed roundabouts in order to get on to the motorway which I'm worried about.

Next week I'm going on a business trip to Holland. It's really bad timing as I'm away 7th-12th November and I have two exams on 15th November. Hopefully I will be able to prepare all my study materials this week and then next week I can revise at night in my hotel room. That's the plan anyway. And at least I won't have to drive so that's one less week of driving that I have to worry about, yay.
Enjoy the last remnants of your weekend :-)
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  1. Wow, that looks super pretty matte! I will have to try mattifying some shimmers now to see if I can get that look.

  2. This came out AWESOME! thanks so much for reading my little suggestions! this looks amazing! i cannot stress that enough! its the perfect polish to matte!

  3. :-) It's the first shimmery polish I've tried the matte topcoat on so I'm as pleasantly surprised as you two! Love it!

  4. Nice! I always thought matte topcoats were only for cream colours. Guess not!

    Go you for business trip! Hope you manage to catch enough revision time gaps though. Think I'm feeling much better now thanks. Still bit tired but extra hour gained was cool. Had to text remind Pak cos I knew he'd forgotten and would wake an hour early for work at 4:30am, ha. Luckily he read my text after his alarm went off and he went back to sleep for an hour.

  5. I like the texture too. And the color is so bright and pretty. Have a good week in Holland!

  6. I really like the matte version of this polish!! :) hope it lasts a couple of days or more! :) good luck with your exams!


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