Monday, October 25, 2010

Essence Most Wanted NOTD

Good morning girls!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start the week with a spring in your step :-) I'm spending this week studying in the office, which means I will be sitting in a room by myself from 9am-5.30am, Monday - Friday. Although I'm not overjoyed by this prospect, there are some upsides, mainly that I won't need to drive this week as I can walk to the office and, since I'll be on my own, I can get away with wearing brighter nail polish.

With that in mind, on Saturday I chose Essence Most Wanted. I've had this shade for over two years but I think I've only worn it once. I have no idea why because now I absolutely love it.

I was definitely wrong to shun this for so long.
Bye for now,


  1. Thanks :-) I've been admiring it all day!

  2. Where is the other trainees? Or do they have their own work to do?
    Did you know your blogspot profile states that you are in Warsaw, Poland still? Or is it deliberate?
    Of course I remember spit! Hehee, cant remember who taught me it though. To avoid boredom at night, I think we will bring cards with us to HK. If I see you on msn we can play sudoku too! :)

  3. Oops! I didn't even get round to reading your second comment and I fell asleep next to my netbook for an hour.
    Work was alright. I thought it might take me five hours to do the task and it took me 3 hours and a half. I worked fairly fast. C was going to help me when she finished her Sat stuff but was quite occupied. Three giant boxes delivered, all sorted :). Shall have to go to bedtime early tonight.
    Brother is fine. His face is less swollen as each day passes. He was really bored staying in on Saturday and has gone out cycling already yest and today! His shoulder has a huge missing bit of skin where he scrapped along road so that will take some time to heal

  4. i keep reading back my comments and seeing they dont quite make sense, argh. Sorry!

  5. :-) The other trainees are working this week. For these most recent two modules, I did one of them with one trainee, then he did the 2nd one of his own last week, I'm doing the 2nd one on my own this week and then the 3rd trainee is doing 2 weeks of studying on her own.
    I'll have to change my profile. Never got round to it. Need to change the time zone too.
    I'll investigate msn.
    Glad Saturday morning didn't drag on for you.
    I don't like thinking about your brother's shoulder...


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